Delivery Plus: The Most Advanced Delivery Service for Busy People & Businesses 2018-04-14T04:44:39+00:00

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Delivery Plus: The Most Advanced Delivery Service for Busy People & Businesses

Delivery Plus Courier Service

Fast & Easy Pickup and Drop-offs

Whether you are a busy start-up or an established business looking to keep customers or colleagues happy with rapid and cost effective delivery of your goods;  or need reliable services for sending a gift or getting some groceries, simply download the Delivery Plus app for any transportation requirement, large or small.

Desktop or Mobile Access

Get quick access to an insured Delivery Plus driver from the company desktop or laptop and speed up transport to your customers every day, or when business gets busy.  No more long delays or lengthy forms to fill out, and with easy online tracking of every delivery, you can quickly update clients and never keep them waiting.

Download the Delivery Plus App

Download the Delivery Plus app to your mobile device to have your dry cleaning picked up, or that important document dropped off by a pre-screened driver who delivers anywhere in the region. Whether you want to pre-schedule your delivery ahead of time, or need on-demand help with errands during a hectic day, turn to Delivery Plus to lighten your load at any time day or night.

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Delivery Plus agents will pick-up and deliver your package immediately or at a scheduled time.

Become a Delivery Plus Driver

Delivery Plus is the latest and most convenient app for busy users seeking local, on-demand pick-up and delivery of any type of item from business documents to warehouse machinery. If you have access to a car, truck, motorcycle, or bike and are interested in flexible employment on your own terms, sign up as a driver and begin earning the bulk of each fare you accept through the Delivery Plus Drivers App.

Download The Delivery Plus Driver App

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See why the customers love us

I love that my Delivery Plus Agent was helpful enough to load all of the boxes into his truck by himself. He was cordial and nice. Each recipient told me how well the delivery went. Thank you, Delivery Plus!

Abraham Rubin, Los Angeles, CA

I left my credit card at the restaurant and had no time to go get it. I needed it the same day. I was able to send a Delivery Plus Agent to go get it for me. I had it in my hands within the hour, So Cool Delivery Plus!

Jill Schroeder, Los Angeles, CA

I was at the airport when I realized I didn’t have my passport. Luckily my housekeeper was at home. She gave it to the Delivery Plus motorcycle rider. He cut through traffic and delivered it to me in time to catch my flight. You really saved me! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Eric Thompkins, Beverly Hills, CA