See how Delivery Plus works



step1:for Shipper

Step 1:

Choose your preferred Delivery Plus vehicle, set your package(s) pickup location, schedule your request for now or later.

step2:for Shipper

Step 2:

Enter details regarding your item(s) to be delivered. You can send one or more items to one or multiple drop off points.

step3:for Shipper

Step 3:

Enter recipient details such as: Address, Name, Telephone, and Email. You will repeat this for each drop off point.

step4:for Shipper

Step 4:

Submit your request! A Delivery Plus agent will arrive soon!

step5:for Shipper

Step 5:

Review your past deliveries in detailed step-by-step Delivery Plus history.



step 1 : for driver

Step 1:

Get a notification to accept or reject a delivery job. You have 30 seconds to decide.

step 2 : for driver

Step 2:

After accepting the Delivery Plus job, Click the box to view the details of the delivery.

step 3 : for driver

Step 3:

Slide the slider and let the client know that you are on the way. See images and details of the items to be picked up.

step 4 : for driver

Step 4:

use the slider to update your progress. Tap each delivery to view a live map. Client’s phone and chat are available.

step 5 : for driver

Step 5:

Delivery recipient signs the app to verify receiving the delivery. Move on to the next delivery.

step 6 : for driver

Step 6:

Review your stats for each delivery in detailed step-by-step Delivery Plus history. Track your earnings. Make money. GET PAID!